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The watch you wear often does much more than simply tell the time. It might be a fashion statement, it might say a lot about your chosen profession or sport, and as often as not it might subtly display the value invested in an attractive, precision piece of engineering.

Like anything of value amongst your possessions, in other words, a watch is likely to be worth insuring.

Watch insurance may actually enhance the practical value of the timepiece to you. With the appropriate level of cover, for example, you may feel considerably more comfortable simply using the device for the purpose for which it was intended – to wear on your wrist or to hang from a fob without having to worry about the risks of loss or theft.

Home insurance

Why not include your precious watch amongst the items included in your standard home insurance, you might ask.

There are two principal reasons. Firstly, your home insurance might not cover such a high-value item – even when the cover is described as “all risks”. Secondly, there is the problem that any claim is almost certain to erode or completely annul any no claims discount you have so carefully built up over the years.

The cover you want

What is likely to make far more sense is if you are able to insure just the watch itself – quite separately and independently of any home insurance you might have.

That cover might be even more attractive if it comes free of any excess if you ever need to make a claim for loss or damage – whether the watch you own is a single specimen or one of a whole collection.

In this day and age, you may reasonably expect the insurance of your watch to travel with you on an “all risks” basis during trips abroad – although you might equally recognise the need for a maximum period of time away from home on any one trip.

Just a single timepiece is likely to be extremely valuable to you. If you have a whole collection, you may treasure them many-fold. When it comes to watch insurance, therefore, you are likely to want your insurer to grant just as much care and attention to your one item in just the same way as a collection. Clearly, this also depends on your insurer providing a detailed schedule and description of those watches you have chosen to insure.

The easier and more varied the payment options, the more likely you are to find an insurer’s offer suitable for your needs. It might be the basis on which you make the selection.

By the same token, of course, you might want to ensure that there is a money back guarantee unless you are entirely satisfied with the cover provided.

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