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Street party peace of mind through street parties insurance

The street party is a great British tradition.  Often organized for special events at either national or local level, they are one of those times when true neighbourhood or community spirit is shown on a larger scale.

They are often arranged ostensibly for benefit of local children though it probably has to be admitted that many adults appear to have as much if not more fun at them than the kids themselves!

Yet there is a more serious side to this type of event, including the organisation and costs involved.

The equipment used to make the party happen might include things such as trestle tables and mobile catering facilities. Few local people might have such equipment readily available and therefore it is typically necessary to spend money hiring it.

If something goes wrong and that equipment is lost, stolen or damaged, the organisers might find themselves facing a hefty bill for replacement.

Then there are the issues associated with groups of people getting together for whatever purpose.

In such situations it is an unfortunate fact of life that accidents and injuries are always a possibility.  Whatever may have been the case in previous generations, today if people are injured at such an event they might well look to the organisers for financial compensation.

Should they be unfortunate enough to sustain serious injuries, a court might award very substantial damages against you.

For all these reasons, it might be sensible for the organisers of street parties to think seriously about insurance protection.  It is possible to find street parties insurance that can be arranged to cover some of the above types of risk and at a reasonable daily price.

If you are providing additional facilities for your party, such as inflatables (e.g. bouncy castles) you might also be able to cover those through inflatables insurance or other forms of supplemental cover.

The bottom line here is relatively simple.  Although street parties are meant to be joyous occasions, things can go wrong. If they do, there might inevitably be significant costs involved and someone will be left to foot the bill.  That someone might typically be the organisers.

The fact that you, as an organiser, might have been acting on an entirely voluntary basis and for the wider good of your community, might make little or no difference to your financial and legal liabilities.

You may find yourself being held accountable and that is why it might be sensible to think seriously about protecting your interests through some form of insurance cover.

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