Shotgun Insurance

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If you own a shotgun or any other kind of sporting firearm, there are some things you are unlikely to forget or overlook – your obligation to hold the relevant certificates of ownership, for example, together with your duty to check with the local police that you are complying with all the necessary legal requirements for owning the item.

Shotgun insurance

Something you might not want to overlook is the importance of suitable insurance for your shotgun – or, indeed, a collection of guns if that is what you have.

Even a single gun is likely to be of significant value – and multiply that by the number of guns in your collection to appreciate your potential loss if one or more of them suffers damage, is lost or stolen.

Specialist providers of shotgun insurance may offer cover on an “all risks” basis, so that even accidental damage is included and your insurance may remain valid whenever you take your guns abroad – provided, of course, that you are complying with all relevant laws and regulations on the transport or carriage of firearms, including any local legislation, throughout your trip.

Some shotguns may appreciate in value; others may be subject to depreciation. It is important that you maintain an up to date valuation, therefore, to ensure that you are neither under-insured (which happens when the total sum insured is less than the value of your guns) or over-insured (in order to avoid paying more in insurance premiums than you need).

Some specialist insurers of shotguns may even be able to offer excess-free claims in the event of loss, damage or theft.

As a responsible gun owner you might also have given thought to public liability cover for your guns. Because accidents do happen, this might prove a very sensible precaution. You might note, however, that specialist insurers of the guns themselves do not necessarily offer public liability cover.

Your home insurance

Having considered the advantages of arranging separate insurance, specifically for your shotgun or firearms collection, you may nevertheless be tempted simply to include these items in the itinerary of possessions covered by your standard home contents insurance.

You might want to approach this solution with some caution.

In the first instance, your home insurers may specifically exclude shotguns – whether a single gun or a collection – from such household cover.

A temptation with regular home contents insurance is simply to renew your policy year after year without thoroughly reviewing and re-assessing the value of all the items in your inventory. Since the value of your gun or collection of guns may vary widely from one year to the next, this failure to review might prove an expensive oversight in the event of a claim.

Finally, it is worth remembering that for each and every claim made on your home insurance, you are almost certainly going to be asked for your personal contribution by way of an excess. Not only that, you may also lose any no claims discount you have previously earned.

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