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If you own a Rolex watch you almost certainly know that it is a valuable piece of precision engineering. You might wear it as a fashion statement or you might keep it safely at home as a keystone of your collection of watches. In any event, your Rolex also allows you to own a piece of history.

A brief history in time

The company that was to become Rolex was founded by a German watchmaker Hans Wilsdorf, in 1905. In three short years it became one of the major watch manufacturers in London and the company took the name of Rolex in 1908.

The wrist watch company was so innovative and successful that in both London and in Switzerland it quickly started gathering awards as a precision chronometer.

The illustrious Rolex Oyster first appeared in 1926 and its ingenious Perpetual Rotor of 1931 set the standard for the self-winding mechanisms of many other watches to come.

The founder, Hans Wilsdorf, died in 1960 but the company continued its established reputation for innovation, precision engineering, style and excellence in the launch of equally iconic models.

Rolex insurance

All of which may help an appreciation of the obvious – practically any Rolex is likely to be valuable. If it forms part of a collection of other Rolexes, or other precision instruments, that value may be counted many times over.

In short, you probably want to give careful consideration to insuring your Rolex.

There are specialist insurance providers experienced in arranging cover for all types of Rolex – both single specimens and whole collections. Such expertise may be crucial if you are looking for cover that proves as reliable as your timepiece.

That is the overriding benefit of arranging standalone insurance for your Rolex – you are able to tailor the cover to suit your particular needs and requirements.

Home insurance

This might become even clearer when you consider the alternative; namely the cover that might be provided for your Rolex by your existing, standard home contents insurance policy.

If the overall value of your Rolex or watch collection is relatively modest, you might certainly find that your home insurance provides cover against theft or damage. If it is an “all risks” policy, it might also protect your watch or watches against accidental damage.

You may need to bear in mind that the value of your Rolex or collection of timepieces may appreciate in value considerably more than other home contents items. Reviewing and re-evaluating the sum for which your instruments are insured, therefore, may become more important than ever.

You might also want to note that if your Rolex suffers damage or is stolen and you wish to claim on your home insurance you are likely to lose any no claims discount that applies to the whole of your policy That, together with the excess you are almost certainly going to have to pay, may give you seconds thoughts about making the claim – and second thoughts about the appropriateness of your home insurance to protect your Rolex.


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