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Do you need party insurance?

It is sometimes said that everybody enjoys a good party and hopefully that is true.

Although the preparation can be tiring and a little stressful for the hosts, once it is underway, you can forget all about that and simply enjoy yourself, your guests and your surroundings – or can you?

Nobody likes pouring cold water on to the preparations of a party but it might be worth thinking about the fact that things can and do go wrong at social events.

They might be any one of a number of things and they might very quickly change your view of the event from one of pleasurable participation to horror at the costs that you have incurred.  For example, parties might be vulnerable to:

  • cancellation due to bad weather, if they are being held outside;
  • an accident to a guest resulting in injury and possibly subsequent claims against you for compensation;
  • an accident to someone helping you arrange or run the party, be that a friend, relative or temporary employee.  Remember that, legally speaking, you may be held responsible for the accident and compensation even in some cases where it is a friend or family member helping you entirely on a voluntary basis;
  • a problem that results in the destruction of rented equipment, such as tables, crockery, serving dishes, heating equipment or marquees etc.

The purpose in listing these potential problems and catastrophes is not in any way to try and put you off the idea of holding a party!  However, as responsible individuals, we do have to consider the potential financial consequences of bad luck hitting our lives.

For example, should one of your guests be unlucky enough to be seriously injured as a result of something at your event, if they sue you for compensation and win, the sums awarded against you by a court may be staggeringly high.

It might be advisable to recognise that possibility and to do something about protecting yourself against its financial consequences.

That is where the idea of party insurance comes into play.  This is a short-term form of cover that you can take out, providing you with financial protection in areas such as public liability, the cancellation of your event, the damage of rented equipment and employers’ liability.

It might be a mistake to assume that these sorts of misfortunes only affect others.  It is a sad fact of life that bad luck can strike anyone at any time.  You may not be able to prevent that happening but with appropriate insurance cover you may be able to mitigate the financial consequences.

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