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They may not be the Crown Jewels, but that does not mean your jewellery is without significant value to you. Indeed, it might often be the case that your valuation of your jewellery puts it beyond the limits of your normal home insurance.

The problem

Typically, the reason is that even the most modest jewellery collection may assume considerable value – nine times out of ten, your home insurance is simply not equipped to cover such high-value items.

Even when you are satisfied that your home insurance might indeed cover the loss or theft of your jewellery, however, you are just as likely to discover that any claim results in the inevitable loss of your no claims discount – a very significant loss in itself.

Some answers

So what is the answer? If only you were able to insure just the jewels that you own in a completely independent policy. The good news is that you are able do just that. There is cover – from specialist providers – that ensures protection of precisely the jewels you choose, against loss, damage or theft.

Jewellery insurance from such specialist providers is typically sufficiently flexible and comprehensive to give you protection for single items of jewellery to whole collections – whether they include even the most precious of diamonds.

What a separate and completely independent insurance policy for your jewellery means, of course, is that you are able to start all over again in terms of the cover you need.

If you need cover that attracts no excess in the event of claim, for example, just such a policy is available.

If you need “all risks” cover wherever in the world you and your jewels happen to be, then suitable insurance is also available – and underwritten by insurers with whom you may share unconditional confidence.

Those “all risks” you may reasonably expect are going to cover not only loss and theft, but accidental damage too.

Those risks might escalate whenever you take your jewellery out of your home and, for that reason, you might want cover that protects you against such street crimes as robbery, mugging and physical loss – again, such policies are available.

When away from home involves you travelling abroad, you are likely to be looking for “all risks” insurance that continues to cover your jewellery on a worldwide basis.

You might find that some insurance companies insist that you take special security measures for storing your jewellery – such as locks or safes – in order to maintain any cover that is offered. If you want to avoid the cost and potential disruption of meeting any such demand, you need to choose an insurer with less rigid demands on this score.

By insuring your jewellery quite separately from your home contents insurance you may avoid losing any no claims discount on the latter. At the same time, you are able to shop around for precisely the cover you need for your jewellery.

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