Exhibition Insurance

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Exhibitions come in many different shapes and sizes.

Perhaps you are an antiques dealer and occasionally take a stall at a fair.  Maybe you enjoy home cooking and occasionally visit local summer fetes in your area in order to sell some of your produce.  It might be the case that you have a small business and occasionally go to industrial and trade fairs to display your products etc.

Whatever the venue for your objectives, such events might be important to you and you’ll wish to make the most of them.

It’s also possible that in order to support your attendance, you might have invested some significant sums of money in the rental of the equipment or transport costs etc. Perhaps you may have hired staff to help or asked friends and family to do likewise.

Unfortunately, however thorough your preparations and intense your anticipation, things can go wrong.

The venue might be forced to cancel at the last moment for reasons entirely beyond their control.  There may be some form of natural disaster, such as fire or flood, that destroys your equipment or perhaps a member of the public is injured whilst visiting your stand or stall etc.

In any of the above circumstances and many others like them, there is a high probability that you will find yourself facing significant consequential costs.

Should a member of the public be injured and you are held responsible, you may need third party public liability cover in order to avoid finding yourself needing to deal with staggeringly high court awards.

You might find yourself in similar circumstances should someone helping you or someone you have hired for the day, be injured during the course of progressing their duties on your behalf. If so, you might be held legally accountable – even in a situation where the person concerned was working for you on a voluntary basis.

This is why it might be advisable to consider taking out exhibitors’ insurance.

This is a form of policy that brings together many individual streams of cover including third party, employers’ liability, event equipment and cancellation. It can be taken out on a daily basis for what you might find to be a surprisingly modest cost.

Should you encounter bad luck when attending an exhibition, these elements of insurance protection might be all that stands between you and literally financial ruin.

So, it is a subject of be taken seriously when you are doing your planning and preparations for the event itself.  Try to resist the siren-like attractions of believing that misfortune only happens to others – it doesn’t!

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