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Insurance for a one off event

When you are planning any type of event, there are obviously a whole lot of different circumstances to take into account.

Some of these will be totally out of your control, particularly if your event is happening out of doors and you are subject to the vagaries of the weather. Other aspects of the event though will be very much under your control – including insurance.

No matter how good an organiser you may be, things can and do go wrong which is why it may be prudent to protect yourself financially with some event insurance.

This type of cover can help to protect your interests should you find that you:

  • have to cancel the event;
  • are being sued for damages by one of your guests who has been injured following an accident during the event;
  • are being sued by one of your employees injured while carrying out event related duties;
  • are facing a bill for damages to some of the equipment that you had to hire; etc.


If your event is being held out of doors then your biggest worry may understandably be the weather.  There may be any number of other reasons why you may have to cancel though and you have to bear in mind that cancellations don’t just involve disappointed guests or attendees.

You will probably have entered into a number of agreements and lodged deposits with various suppliers including for:

  • the rental of the venue itself;
  • catering equipment and facilities;
  • food and drink;
  • equipment relating to the event itself.

If your event doesn’t take place then these businesses may still expect to receive some sort of payment for services already rendered or for loss of business.

Event insurance cover may help you to deal with the financial fallout.

Public liability

If one of your attendees slips and falls and is injured, then they may decide that the fault lies with you and decide to sue you for damages. Court awards may be for significant sums, which could result in financial ruin for you without the protection of insurance cover.

In fact, if you are hiring a venue for the event, then you may find that the owners may require you to have public liability cover up to a predefined limit, as part of your rental agreement.

Employers’ liability

You may need to bear in mind that even if you are being helped on the day by a number of willing volunteers, from a legal point of view you may still need to have employers’ liability cover to protect you financially should you find yourself being sued by one of your helpers for damages relating to some injury that they have suffered while helping you out.

The chances are that your event may go without a hitch. You can enjoy it more though if you have given yourself the peace of mind with comes with event protection insurance.

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