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Conference peace of mind through conference insurance

Conferences and meetings can be absolutely critically important in terms of getting people together and sharing knowledge.

Organising them is a science and shaping them so that they become productive, as opposed to merely talking shops, takes great skill and organisational ability.

When you are planning a conference there may be many things that you are focused on relating to the logistics and structure of the event itself. While doing so, however, it might be advisable to keep in mind that things can go badly wrong for reasons that might be entirely beyond your control.

For example, the sickness of a key presenter or speaker might mean that the conference has to be cancelled at the last minute. Perhaps you might be unlucky enough to break a key piece of equipment necessary for the conference to continue and find that you are then facing not only replacement and repair costs but also once again the potential cancellation of the conference itself.

Then there is that perennial worry for any event organiser, what happens if one of the participants or attendees is injured? We live in a litigious society and the days when people would have simply shrugged off such misfortune as being no more than that, are long gone.

Today they are likely to look around for someone to hold accountable and that might be you. If a court happens to agree with the attribution of responsibility, you may find yourself facing staggering awards for damages.

Of course, it is to be sincerely hoped that none of these things happen to you or your conference but prudent contingency planning suggests that you should perhaps be thinking about how you would cope, should the worst happen.

This is why conference insurance exists.  It is a specially designed form of cover incorporating event cancellation, public liability and event equipment protection – all potentially available on a daily basis and at what you might consider to be a relatively modest cost.

Virtually any form of conference is expensive to organise and run. That investment might be entirely wasted if some of the above things go wrong. In the scale of costs involved in running a conference, the additional overhead of appropriate insurance would seem to be a relatively minor investment.

It is something that you might wish to seriously consider if for no other reason than the peace of mind it might bring , thereby allowing you to concentrate more fully on the fine detail of conference organisation.

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