Bat Mitzvah insurance

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Organising a bat mitzvah is usually regarded as an honour, a privilege and something that leads to a joyous event.

It can also be stressful and the event itself can, overall, prove to be extraordinarily expensive.  Yet this is often seen as being a desirable price to pay for what is meant to be a memorable and life-changing day.

Sadly, it is not unknown for even the best organised events to occasionally go badly wrong.  That may be nothing whatsoever to do with the organisational efforts that were put into it but simply something that is attributable to sheer bad luck.

For example, you may be forced to cancel the event itself for reasons entirely beyond your control such as sickness.  It might be that presents are stolen or that a natural disaster spoils the attire or foodstuffs etc.

In such a situation, while your immediate thoughts will be on making alternative arrangements or overcoming the on-the-day problem itself, you may inevitably realise that you might be facing serious financial consequences for things such as cancellation charges, gift replacement and losses of deposits etc.

Then there are those risks that inevitably come when you get large numbers of people together in one spot.  Few people dispute that today’s society is increasingly litigious and should someone be injured at your event, they might well turn to the law in order to seek compensation from you as the event organiser.

Should the courts happen to agree with their particular interpretation of the respective accountabilities following an accident or injury, you might find yourself facing very substantial awards against you.

That is why it might be very sensible to think carefully about bat mitzvah insurance.

For a typically modest sum of money, it provides wide ranging cover in a number of areas that might provide you with peace of mind that you could cope with the financial consequences of some of the above, should they happen.

We are sometimes perhaps all guilty of assuming that bad luck only happens to others and that our events will run smoothly and without a hitch.  Of course, it is to be hoped that proves to be the case but it might be sensible to ask yourself how you would deal with the costs of some of the above things coming to pass.

If the thought of needing to do so fills you with horror, it might indicate that it’s time to think seriously about some form of insurance cover for your bat mitzvah.

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