Bar Mitzvah Insurance

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Bar Mitzvah insurance – just in case

The bar mitzvah is a major transition in life and something that is traditionally celebrated with joy and anticipation for the future.

It is also typically an event where people tend to want to make the most of the day and leave a lasting memory in all those who attend.

Yet however much planning you do and however you may hope that things will go without a hitch, inevitably sometimes things go wrong.

In some cases these might be trivial and even amusing but in others the effects may be far more serious and perhaps even catastrophic for the event itself.

Take, for example, the scenario where the venue suffers a major power supply problem and is forced to cancel at the last minute.   Another situation might involve the theft or destruction by natural causes of the presents.  Perhaps sickness forces you to cancel the event, leaving you to face cancellation charges from various suppliers and the venue owners etc.

It is perfectly understandable that nobody wishes to approach a bar mitzvah entirely preoccupied with the worries and frets about what might go wrong and how you would cope if they did. Yet given the sums of money that might be involved in organising a typical bar mitzvah, it might only be plain common sense to think about putting some sort of contingency plan in place to help deal with the costs involved should bad luck strike.

This is where bar mitzvah insurance might have a role to play in your planning.

Cover is available to typically provide you with protection for things such as:

  • the cancellation of the ceremony;
  • the loss or destruction of ceremonial attire or presents;
  • the loss of deposits;
  • public liability protection of up to £5million.

That last element of cover is particularly important to think about.

However much we might regret it, people are increasingly inclined to turn to the courts for compensation when something goes wrong.  If someone is injured at your event and they believe that to be attributable to something you have done or failed to do, they may sue you for compensation.

Should they win and their injuries are sufficiently serious, you might easily be facing seven figure sums awarded against you for compensation. That is why third party liability cover is important to keep in mind all times.

So, thinking about a bar mitzvah should be a joyous process but it might be sensible to keep one eye on the possibility of things going wrong at the same time and take steps to cover that eventuality.

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