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Brexit and ferry ports

Traffic delays of “biblical proportion” are predicted at Britain’s ferry ports and the land border with the Republic of Ireland, warned the Road Haulage Association (RHA) in a press release of 28th March 2017, unless the continued free movement of HGVs is a key part of Brexit negotiations. The RHA made the point that the […]

Intermediaries look to wine investment as post-Brexit safe haven option

More than one in four (27%) wealth managers and IFAs expect appetite for wine investing to increase over the next 12 months as the impact of Brexit drives the sector to new highs and fuels greater demand among investors for asset class diversification and safe havens.  This is according to new research1 with UK intermediaries […]

Lorries and cyclists

Lorries are heavy weight machines, robustly built and typically driven with care and attention by professionally qualified drivers. Cycles, on the other hand, are probably the lightest, least robust, and vulnerable of any other road user – with their riders requiring absolutely no training or licensing. It is little wonder that bicycles and lorries have […]

Is your jewellery covered?

Research cited on the MoneyAdviceService website reveals that while one in three people believe that their engagement ring is insured, one in four don’t actually have any home contents insurance to cover its loss or theft at home. While around one in seven don’t have additional cover for personal possessions outside the home either. What […]

The ABI and BIBA publishes consumer guide to help customers buying ‘pay how you drive’ insurance

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has produced guidance to help consumers get the most from ‘pay how you drive’ motor insurance (sometimes referred to as telematics). This insurance reflects individual driving behaviour which can mean lower premiums for lower-risk drivers. This insurance commonly uses small in-car computers often known as a ‘black box’ to […]

Travel sickness could cost unprotected Brits an extra £900 this summer warns the ABI

Uninsured British travellers who fall ill on holiday this summer could face an average extra £9001. holiday bill according to the Association of British Insurers. Despite this many travellers are under-estimating or ignoring the risk of falling ill abroad so facing potentially crippling medical bills: Every week1. travel insurers deal with nearly 5,000 claims from […]

New Act will bring consumers clarity on insurance cover

Customers taking out insurance products will be given added peace of mind that their claims will not be declined if they unknowingly fail to disclose information to their insurer under the new Consumer Insurance Act, which comes into force on 6thApril. The Act formalises existing industry best practice to ensure that insurers ask specific questions […]

Fair, independent, objective – abi publishes proposals to curb the uk’s whiplash epidemic

UK must lose its title of Whiplash Capital of Europe Anyone claiming whiplash injury should be required to undergo examination by an accredited medical expert under proposals to curb the UK’s whiplash epidemic published today (13 March) by the Association of British Insurers (ABI). Everyday 1,500 people claim whiplash injury, with the total number of […]

Overseas holidays 2013 – Not easy to predict

When the financial crisis (more accurately, series of crises) began at the end of 2007, it didn’t take very long for the fallout to start to hit the UK overseas travel industry. Over the next few years, this led to much publicity over the re-emergence of UK holidays themselves and the coining of the term […]

So, you think your car insurance is expensive?

When you are looking at your next renewal notice and having the traditional therapeutic moan, you might want to remember that some people are paying a little bit more for their premium than you might be. A news item* has confirmed that the well-known actor Rowan Atkinson has just successfully completed what is officially the […]