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Who needs insurance for mixed-use commercial properties?

Do you own property that is used partly as commercial premises, but also provides residential accommodation? There might be many different configurations: the building might have a shop on the street front downstairs, for instance, and a flat or flats above; you might have your own office on the ground floor and live in an […]

The different types of trade car insurance

Do you run a small business, or operate one part-time, that involves taking cars into your temporary possession – because you are buying and selling, repairing them or valeting them? Have you given thought to the insurance you may need for those vehicles whilst they are in your care: if you are driving them on […]

The different types of commercial property insurance

According to the British Property Foundation (BPF), the whole of the UK’s commercial property is currently valued at some £1,662 billion and represents around 21% of the nation’s total net wealth. The sheer size of that estate means that there are very many different types of commercial property – and safeguarding that wide variety are […]

Guide to business fleet insurance

In a sense, the term “business fleet insurance” describes the product perfectly adequately. It is insurance for vehicles that can be described as comprising a business fleet. Of course, there’s more to it than that! Here is a quick overview of some of the key features of such cover. Please remember though that the specifics […]

Motor fleet insurance savings

One thing never changes in business and that is the need to control costs. Yet some companies, those with vehicle fleets, often continue to operate insurance approaches that are neither necessarily the most cost-effective nor particularly efficient to administer. That in turn means that the companies concerned are not keeping as tight a control on […]

What is Trace and Access cover?

It’s important to understand the principles of what’s called “Trace and Access” cover because it might make a significant difference to you in the context of an insurance claim. Household problems Many of us have had the unpleasant experience of something going wrong in our homes that requires the attention of a tradesperson or other […]

What does static caravan insurance cover?

At the risk of stating the obvious, the only way to be sure what’s included in your static caravan insurance policy is to read it thoroughly. That’s because there can be significant variation between static caravan insurance policies. Please keep this in mind when reading further and that as a result, this article is by […]

Insuring your office

The office is a nice, safe environment where nothing seriously unpleasant can happen – right? Wrong! True, the office and its risks are perhaps not as extensive as those associated with, say, a heavy manufacturing site’s shop floor. However, that’s not to say that the office is risk-free and sadly, things can and do go […]

Unoccupied property insurance tips

In this article, we’ll be starting from the assumption that you know what this type of insurance cover is and why it’s necessary. Just in case you’ve forgotten, by way of a quick refresh: once your unoccupied property passes a number of consecutive days as specified within your policy (typically around 30-45), your existing insurance […]

Business Fleet Insurance

For any business running a fleet of vehicles, cost containment is going to be a regular day-to-day challenge. That can, understandably, lead to a cost accounting view of business fleet insurance, something that may predispose some fleet managers to always look for the cheapest possible solution in terms of advertised price. While that may be […]