Specialist insurance for the unique things in life

At NicheInsurance we can help you access a range of specialist insurance designed to protect those extra special things that general policies do not, including:

  • jewellery;
  • watches (including rolex insurance);
  • collectibles (fine art, fine wine etc);
  • special events (street parties, conferences etc).

Cover is also available for shotguns, inflatables (such as a bouncy castle), and exhibitions.

Jewellery Insurance

Jewellery Insurance

By insuring your jewellery quite separately from your home contents insurance you may avoid losing any no claims discount on the latter

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Watch Insurance

Watch insurance may actually enhance the practical value of the timepiece to you. you are likely to want your insurer to grant just as much care and attention to your one item

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Rolex Insurance

There are specialist insurance providers experienced in arranging cover for all types of Rolex – both single specimens and whole collections

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Collectibles Insurance

Wine Insurance

There are specialist insurers experienced in the provision of such cover and, unlike practically any other form of personal insurance…

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Coin Insurance

Your coin collection might get lost – if you move house, for example – it might get stolen, or it might suffer some kind of damage

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Fine Art Insurance

Specialist insurers are likely to offer cover whether you have a single work of art or have built up a whole collection of fine art

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Shotgun Insurance

Something you might not want to overlook is the importance of suitable insurance for your shotgun – or, indeed, a collection of guns

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Event Insurance

Bouncy Castle Insurance

Affordable inflatables cover to protect you and the equipment, ensuring your event isn’t deflated by misfortune and subsequent bills

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Event Insurance

Event insurance provides peace of mind and financial protection for one-off event organisers – it’s worth thinking about carefully

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Party Insurance

Party insurance helps you to get your party organised secure in the knowledge that your interests are protected and some is your home.

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Exhibitors Insurance

Exhibitors insurance means that you can concentrate on making a success of your exhibition free from what-if financial worries

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Conference Insurance

Having conference insurance means you won’t need to spend time debating who is paying what should problems arise

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Bar Mitzvah Insurance

Taking out bar mitzvah insurance might mean you’ll be able to say mazel tov with a little more confidence and with peace of mind!

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Bat Mitzvah Insurance

You’ll want a memorable bat mitzvah for all the right reasons – bat mitzvah insurance might help you achieve that with peace of mind

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Street Party Insurance

Street parties insurance might help you avoid needing to pick up large financial bills instead of just the party’s litter

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Why is specialist insurance needed?

Specialist cover is designed to fill the gap in protection offered by other general insurance policies. This “gap” could be financial (in terms of only a limited financial amount of cover is offered) or could be in terms of what hazards / risks are insured.

Jewellery, watches and collectibles cover

For high value personal items, for example, a coin collection or expensive wedding ring, your traditional home contents cover may not give you the protection you need. You may only receive up to a set amount in the event that your item is damaged or stolen – typically around £1,500.

Cover may also be limited in terms of where you can take your item. For example, a Rolex watch that gets lost or stolen while overseas may not be covered under your home contents insurance.

Even where limited cover is available, you may have to pay a large excess in the event of a successful claim – as well as face increased premiums next year as you have made a claim on your policy.

The solution?

The solution is to invest in a standalone policy that covers your individual items or collection. This means any claim will not affect your home insurance policy. Plus you can benefit from increased levels of cover that match the true value of your item or collection.

As an example, for jewellery and watches, we can help you access specialist insurance that provides worldwide all risks cover – and you are not required to pay an excess in the event of a claim.

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Events insurance

It is difficult to imagine any form of organised leisure activity that doesn’t involve some risk, somewhere.

If you are renting venues, hiring equipment, employing people and gathering a large number of attendees together, there is always the possibility of something going wrong. When it does, it might result in significant expense and if you are the organiser, you might be able to anticipate the responsibility stopping with you in terms of dealing with the costs involved.

Thinking about this reality is rarely pleasant and is sometimes quite a weight on the mind of event managers.

The solution?

There is a range of specialist insurances specifically designed in order to try and help with different forms of event. Just a sample of some of these might include:

  • soft play centres;
  • wedding insurance;
  • skate parks;
  • roller discos;
  • paintball and airsoft events.

It is worth keeping in mind that problems might not be of the type associated only with cancellations and equipment.

People themselves are also always a concern in terms of what would happen if they suffer injury. The legal processes might end up with substantial sums being awarded against you – which is why public liability cover is an important component of some forms of event insurance.

Concentrating exclusively on an event’s arrangements might be laudable but not if it means that you overlook the risks and liabilities that come with it.

Try to keep in mind that if you are organising events such as those above and others like them, ignorance is no defence under law. You may not be able to claim that you were unaware of your liabilities or that somebody should have told you that insurance was a sensible idea.

Therefore, it might be sensible just to put some time to one side to consider what insurance protection you may be able to obtain for the event you are arranging. If nothing else, you might find that it results in you being able to sleep a little more easily at night! Click on the relevant link to find out more.